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Dorm décor ideas

Cruising local decor shops for inspiration on injecting style and personality into temporary spaces.

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Some easy ways of adding style and personality to a dorm room

In our upcoming fall issue (out September 12), writer Zahra Sethna has a great story on how to decorate temporary spaces, including dorm rooms and long-term care facilities.

I thought it would be fun to post a few highlights from our photo shoot we held in Halifax. Zahra, Dal student Emma Culligan (a source in the story), photographer Terra Ciolfe and myself spent a day visiting décor shops for inspiration and ideas.

We hit up Wicker Emporium in Dartmouth Crossing, Oddjects and Attica Furnishings in downtown Halifax, as well as a couple thrift stores. We focused on items that could serve multiple purposes in a space and that wouldn’t damage walls or other surfaces.

Emma really enjoyed the baskets and other stylish storage options at Wicker Emporium. This basket folds neatly away when not in use. I love the red and white stripes and would be tempted to use it as a purse, if that was possible.

Zahra admiring the lighting and lampshade options at Wicker Emporium.

Emma loved these owl figurines at Oddjects. They also had a great selection of interesting lamp and rug ideas.

A really stylish stool at Attica. Could double as a bedside table or chic place for stacking books. We’ll be featuring more great ideas in the fall issue, which comes out Sept. 12.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more photos of our shopping trip from Terra Ciolfe on our Facebook fan page.

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