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Tiptoe through the tulips

Our editor shows off her tulip garden and wonders what she should plant next.

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I’m pretty stoked about my tulip garden.

Since it may be the only photo-worthy garden I grow this year, I thought I’d best do a blog post about it.

I planted the bulbs back in early November—I think I put in at least 100, plus some crocus and blue hyacinth bulbs.  My back just stopped being sore a couple weeks ago (blub planting is HARD work…)

I didn’t really stick to a colour palette—I planted pretty much every colour (except red and orange). My faves are the purple, pink, black and the double-blooms.

Those are alliums in the back–they look like the tops of pineapples. These were an impulse buy at Halifax Seed. I thought they’d be nice and high to soften the blah concrete foundation at the back. Fingers crossed they work out! I also planted irises along the edge at the back but they started sprouting in early December. I fear they might not do anything now.

I wish these tulips would last for months. Any thoughts on what I should put in once the glorious spring show is over? I’m really hoping for something low-maintenance (aren’t we all?). The garden gets mostly morning sun. Let me know your thoughts—and what you would do with all those tulip leaves.

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  1. Nancy Anderson

    With your garden being in the sun you are lucky, you could go with Shasta Daisy and Purple cone Flower and then for late summer into fall the beautiful Black Eyed Susans

  2. Sue


    I would let the tulips die back on their own. Plant something that blooms mid-late summer on top of or near the bulbs so the tulips can poke through next year. Choose a plant that will hide the tulip leaves as they die back but is later coming out of the ground than the tulips. Tuberous begonias might be nice there and would like the morning sun. Lady’s mantle might be nice too…Let us know what you do!

  3. Janice Hudson

    thanks for the good advice–these options would definitely help hide all those leaves…

  4. Janice Hudson

    I love Black Eyed Susans and cone flowers–great suggestions–and they’d add some height, too, which would be great.

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