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Summer cover teaser

Check out our exclusive outtakes from our Summer 2012 cover shoot.

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Some outtakes from our Summer 2012 cover shoot

I thought it would be fun to post a few snapshots from our Summer 2012 cover shoot. It was held last summer at Rowena and Rob Nunn’s summer home in Marriott’s Cove, Nova Scotia. It’s a tiny, picturesque inlet just outside of Chester.

We had photographer James Ingram take photos of the Nunn kids (nine-year-old triplets Sophia, Adrian and Sam) jumping into the water and playing on the wharf in front of their house. It looks like they were having so much fun! These are just a few of the images we considered for the cover of our new summer issue. Which is your favourite?

I’ll be revealing our actual new cover on Friday—stay tuned for that!

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  1. Janet

    I love the second shot. Great looking place, looking forward to the issue!

  2. Janice Hudson

    Thanks! Yes, everyone seems to prefer the second shot. I think you won’t be disappointed once you see the real deal =)

  3. Lisa

    Love the second shot! Looking forward to purchasing this issue and reading it on the wharf at my cottage!

  4. Andrew

    My favourite is the 3rd shot! Can’t wait to see the magazine!

  5. Colleen and Cate

    Great Pictures….love the kids jumping in….can’t wait until the magazine comes out…looks beautiful!!!!

  6. Colleen and Cate

    We like picture number 4!!!!!

  7. Pat Van Tassel

    I like the 2nd and 4th shots the best. Beautiful spot! Gee, if this is their cottage, what’s their year round home like? lol

  8. Aren’t my siblings adorable?! Can’t wait to see the magazine on newsstands!

  9. Dolores Doucette

    I like the picture of the 3 children jumping of off the wharf. What a beautiful place. Looking forward to finding out which one was used.

  10. Victoria

    Beautiful photos! I personally like the second shot or the kids running back to the cottage.

  11. Janice Hudson

    =) It’s actually just your average family home in Halifax, but like the summer place, Rowena has it decorated to the nines with gorgeous paintings from local artists. You’d also never guess that she has three little kids living there (it puts my own place to shame!). She also puts on quite the decorating spread at Xmas time–it’s like winter wonderland!

  12. Janice Hudson

    Thanks Ceilidh! Hope you enjoy the story =)

  13. Janice Hudson

    yes, that’s a great shot!

  14. Janice Hudson

    Sounds perfect–I’m jealous!

  15. Joanna Henderson

    I love the second one!! Brings back memories of my own childhood – jumping off the warf!! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!!!

  16. Rebecca Oliver

    The picture of the triplets running towards the house is my choice.
    Their summer home is beautiful ,it’s my dream to have a place near the water ,where a person can relax ,watch the sunrise and go down over the water .They also have a outdoor fireplace to gather around in the evening ,what a great idea . I really happy for Rowena ,she’s has many talents but the best one is her ability in making her family , friends and strangers feel welcome even when she has a crowd of a hundred people .Many happy times will be spent in their unique surroundings in Chester .

  17. Lois Currie

    Love all pics my favorite is the children running towards the cottage, an amazing place can not wait for the magazine to come out.

  18. Joanie Blakely-Nauffts

    My first choice is the 2nd photograph showing the children jumping into the water – their energy and sense of adventure is inspiring and clearly depicts the fun and spirit of summer living. All aspects are included in this photo – the 3 children, the beautiful house, the stone wall, the wharf and the water. There’s a sense of being drawn into the actual picture.
    I also like the last photograph showing the 3 children running towards this beautiful home, although the water is not included in this particular photo and therefore that aspect is missing from the “complete package”.
    The photographer did an excellent job in capturing the structure of this gorgeous house – it has such beauty and character. A little piece of paradise!

  19. Janice Hudson

    Thanks for such thoughtful comments, Joanie. Glad you enjoyed the photos! I am about to post the cover image we went with–stay tuned for this momentarily!

  20. arnoldmurphy

    Nan and I viewed the pictures of the Nunn cottage,Nan’s choice is the picture of the three children running towards the house on the wharf,she sez it’s probably lunch time and and they want a snack. It’s a beutiful cottage and we sure wish we had one in Cape Breton………Delores Doucette introduced us to the website……Hope you have a great summer at your cottage……….Nan and Arnold

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