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Dine By Design East: Janice Bates-Hawkins & chef Chris Velden

See the custom wallpaper interior decorator Janice Bates-Hawkins is designing for her display at Dine By Design East.

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Some exciting news from one of our Dine By Design East participants.

I’ve just learned that Janice Bates-Hawkins, owner of Signature Design, is designing a special custom wallpaper for her dining-room display at Dine By Design East. Inspired by different chair designs from a book jacket, she’s creating a unique wallpaper design.

I love the rough, gesture-like quality of these sketches. We feature a scan of the sketches in the Dine By Design East insert in the upcoming Fall issue of East Coast Living. Here’s a quick view of her profile.


In the shot below, Terry Beaver of Atlantic Digital begins rendering Janice’s wallpaper design. I can’t wait to see the final wallpaper on Janice’s booth.


Janice is matched with chef Chris Velden of Flying Apron Cookery. An early advocate of using local sources for meat and produce, Chris worked with us a couple of summer’s ago for a story on summer salads. Here’s a few photos from that shoot, all by James Ingram.


Back in the day when he was chef at Ryan Duffy’s, Chris started growing raised veggie and herb gardens on the restaurant’s rooftop in downtown Halifax, growing a multitude of veggies and herbs, including chives, mint, thyme and bok choy. I can’t wait to learn what he’s preparing for his Dine By Design menu.


Be sure and get your tickets soon for the Dine By Design Gala on Oct. 3–they are going quickly.

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