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Dine By Design East: M Home and Brooklyn Warehouse’s Mark Gray

See the psychedelic design M Home is planning and the cool recipes Brooklyn Warehouse chef Mark Gray is concocting for their Dine By Design East display.

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What one dynamic team is planning for their Dine By Design East showcase

Here are some inspiration photos I’ve received from M Home for their Dine By Design plan. The M Home team includes Mark F. Martin and Shay Ingram, who offer a range of interior decorating services from their studio on the Bedford Basin.


The energizing plan for their dining room display, which they call “Acid Flash Forward,” includes psychedelic colours and extreme elements combined with vintage, classic and modern pieces. “A mix of memories and  premonitions, this dining room may have you happy and hallucinating,” the design duo says. “Consider this dining space as “haute couture” versus “off the rack.”

I’ve just received an update from Mark Gray, executive chef at Brooklyn Warehouse; hailing from Halifax, Mark has numerous exciting chef experiences under his belt, including stints in Canmore, Alberta at the Drake Inn and at the Wood Steakhouse under chef Michael Lyon. He became executive chef at Brooklyn Warehouse in September 2011, at just 23 years old.


Mark is planning an exciting three-course menu to complement M Home’s dynamic space.

For the starter, he’s planning a “Magic Mushroom Cappuccino” (featuring shiitake dashi espresso/lemongrass meringue and miso powder). His second course is “Smoke,” featuring an applewood smoked pork belly with smokehead whiskey glaze/maple candied apple and burnt goat cheese mousse. His dessert will be a “Hash Brownie” with dark chocolate/lamb liver, cardamom yogourt and preserved lemon. It sounds tantalizing—I can’t wait to see the final recipes, especially the lamb/chocolate brownie (how cool is that?).

If you haven’t already done so, be sure and get your tickets soon for the Dine By Design Gala on Oct. 3–they are going quickly.


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