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Dine By Design East: Lydon Lynch Architects and Renée Lavallée

Learn what Lydon Lynch and Feisty Chef Renée Lavallée are planning for Dine By Design East.

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Learn what one exciting design/cuisine team is planning for Dine By Design East

Here are some inspiration photos I’ve received from Lydon Lynch Architects for their Dine By Design East showcase. Based in Halifax, Lydon Lynch Architects is an internationally award-winning architecture and interior design studio that serves a range of clients (in particular, I love their recent design of the Seaport Farmers’ Market).

Led by Eugene Pieczonka and Keith Tufts, the studio prides itself on creating places that are beautiful, timeless and sustainable. We’re thrilled to have them participating in our inaugural event!

Inspired by the inherent beauty of nature, the Lydon Lynch team is planning a classic dining room space “with careful attention to material, detail and light. We avoid the use of trends or fashion in order to create timeless spaces. How we design a room or how choose the food we eat is very similar. The materials we use, where they come from, how they are manufactured and how they are eventually recycled is not unlike how we select our food…Everything comes from the earth and we should  understand the connection between the spaces we create and the food we eat.”


With that in mind, Lydon Lynch is partnering with Renée Lavallée, AKA the Feisty Chef. Inspired by their dining room design, Renée will be creating a special menu featuring lots of locally sourced produce and meat.


Renée is a Red Seal certified chef with close to 20 years of experience working for some of Canada’s top restauranteurs. As the Feisty Chef, she combines her extensive background as a chef with a love for teaching others and creating exceptional culinary experiences. Renée is a good friend of East Coast Living–check out this lemon feature she worked on with us a couple of year’s ago.

Here’s some of what Renée is planning for her menu. Her appetizer will be a Valley Rabbit and Pork Rillete with Terra Beata Cranberries, Spruce Honey, Homemade Cracker. Her second course will be a Veloute of Topinambour with flash-fried Chedabucto Bay Shrimp and Smoked Paprika. Her third course will be a Whole-Roasted Duck, Squash and Barley Risotto, Fried Sage, Toasted Hazelnuts and Dragon’s Breath Cheese (this cheese is the best!). For dessert, she’s planning a Pear and Apple, Vanilla Custard, Pistachio-Quinoa Crumble. Sounds divine.

If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to book your tickets for the Dine By Design East Gala on Oct. 3. They are going fast!

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