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Artfully Prepared and Plated

Suzanne Saul and Chris Joyce's Dine By Design East room "Breaking Bread" brings a light-hearted approach to modern art that Chef Luis Cleval mirrors in his menu.

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Collage by Janice Hudson.

Meeting award-winning Chef Luis Clavel at his busy restaurant in downtown Halifax, Seasons By Atlantica, I was immediately impressed with his ability to multitask and remain razor focused.  There were constant asks for his time and opinion, and he remained cool and efficient.  Knowing these skills and personality traits lead him to where he is today, I sat back and watched his diplomacy.  Seizing an opportunity to talk, Clavel didn’t hesitate when approached to lead a seminar on food and art during the upcoming Dine By Design East fundraiser taking place October 30th through to November 2nd.  Immediately, he replied with a positive and resounding ‘yes’.  In fact, mentoring and communication is part and parcel to his work as a lead for Culinary Team Canada.

Modern Art References and Inspiration Board, Dine By Design East

Modern Art References and Inspiration behind Attica’s Room titled, Breaking Bread

It’s only natural that Chef Clavel is paired with a couple who are quickly becoming an institution here in Halifax: Suzanne Saul and Christopher Joyce of Attica Furnishings Ltd.  With Bachelor of Fine Art degrees from NSCAD University, both Chris and Suzanne bring a contemporary, clean-lined sophistication to their decorative work.  Chris, an award-winning furniture designer, creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition works out of steel and other materials.  For this event, this design duo has created a playful dining environment where references to modern art and pop culture abound.  They have had fun creating a montage of visual references to famous works of art, mostly appropriated from the mid-century period, and adding a twist that’s all their own.

Breaking Bread, Dine by Design East room designed by Suzanne Saul and Christopher Joyce of Attica Furnishings Ltd., Halifax Nova Scotia

Chef Luis Clavel’s sophisticated menu mirrors Suzanne Saul and Christopher Joyce’s playful and modern art theme at Dine by Design East.


Suzanne and Chris’s Room, titled “Breaking Bread” is a tongue-in-cheek and light-hearted approach that Chef Clavel has mirrored in his menu.  Starting with Ash Organic Chicken, Smoked Olive Oil Powder, Tiny Basil.  Followed by Panipuri, Burrata Foam, Guanciale, Pangrattato.  Finished with Coffee White Chocolate Crunch Sphere, Spiked Ice Cream, Jaconde, Yogourt Flakes.  Impeccable taste! On the Gala evening, visitors will not be disappointed with this team’s presentation and offering.

As the co-founder of this event, Suzanne has a clear and determined can-do attitude, integral in bringing this event to light.  In its inaugural year, Dine by Design East raised $20,000 and will present the first scholarship to a NSCAD design student this winter.  Now in it’s second year, Suzanne continues to lead with her vision and capable actions in organizing and strategizing for this event.  It truly is a labour of love and dedication!  Suzanne’s love and passion for sharing art and creativity will shine through when she presents the opening remarks on modern art and food for Chef Clavel’s culinary seminar, Avant Garde Cuisine, on Saturday, November 1st at 1PM.

Dine by Design East is an event showcasing 10 designers and 10 chefs from Canada’s East Coast in a ‘feast for the senses.’ The four day event is presented by East Coast Living magazine and funds raised support design education at NSCAD through the Amber Harkins Memorial Scholarship Fund. Amber was a former editor of East Coast Living who passed away from cancer in 2012.  A limited number of tickets for these events are available now and going quickly.


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