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A taste of Bourdain

Famous chef makes his inaugural call to Atlantic Canada

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Photo: Julé Malet-Veale

A cramped room of sweaty and hungry media erupted in laughter as Anthony Bourdain quipped, “I’m often drunk when I tweet.”

The Annapolis Valley town of Wolfville, Nova Scotia was abuzz hosting the infamous chef, author and CNN Parts Unknown star for the recent Devour The Food Film Fest. Now in its fourth year, the festival brings together cinematic and culinary talent to showcase food and film.  To kick off this year’s event, Bourdain sat down with media, who were clawing at the chance to get a piece of him.

His first visit to Atlantic Canada, Bourdain said the North Atlantic has always been a lure for him.  “Some of the important parts of my life, when I was relatively responsibility free, were spent smelling the North Atlantic, hearing the sounds of the North Atlantic, swimming in it,” he said.  “I’ve been in most of the oceans, most of the seas in this world and there’s just nothing like the North Atlantic.”

Familiar with East Coast seafood, he confessed that he’s eager to try our legendary donair, comparing it to New York’s “dirty water hotdog. It’s number one on my list and I’m not kidding,” he said.

While he admitted he won’t get to see much on his visit, Bourdain said he is eager to return. “I’m already thinking about coming back and doing a show. There’s always the scouting aspect of it, you know. I kind of get a feeling for a place. And I’m thinking about coming back.”

When asked about the most over-rated trend in the culinary world, Bourdain rolled his eyes, chuckled and said, “gluten-free. Most people in the world don’t even know what gluten is. They just know it’s bad.”

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