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Dine By Design East 2014: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

The kitchen designed by Success College interior decorating students showcases work by Team Possibles, a grassroots arts-exploration group.

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Photo: Dennis Evans.

Photo: Dennis Evans.

Photo: Dennis Evans.

The kitchen designed by students in the Success College Interior Decorating Class of 2014 lets artwork do the talking. “They wanted the booth and the cabinetry to be a blank canvas for the artwork,” says instructor Sharon Charlton.

The space showcased several intricate artworks by Team Possibles, a local arts exploration group for youth with Down Syndrome. They designed the vibrantly textured felted wing showcased on one wall, as well as the felted tree sculpture and the smaller artworks in the kitchen.

Artist Marie Webb, the group’s founder, also contributed items to the space, including the artwork behind the sink and the colourful floor tiles. Charlton says working on the space has been a valuable experience for the students. “It’s been a great opportunity for the students to network with others in the industry,” she says. Anything is Possible chef match was Ryan Hayes of Resto Urban Dining.

Photo: Dennis Evans.

Photo: Dennis Evans.

Supplier list:
Artwork and sculptures: Team Possibles
Cabinetry and countertops: Progressive Cabinets
Custom Plexiglas flooring and backsplash: Global
Precision Signage
Light fixtures: Living Lighting
Sink and faucet: Eddy Plumbing
Stools and accessories: Home Outfitters
Beams and shelving: Kent
Paint: Beauti-Tone





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