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Dine By Design East 2014: BREAKING BREAD

Pop culture goes to new creative heights in Attica’s unique dining room.

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Photo: Janet Kimber.

Suzanne Saul and Christopher Joyce, owners of Attica, found creative ways to celebrate modern art and pop culture in their space. “As artists, we felt it was our duty to push the boundaries while also being artful and making things by hand,” says Joyce. “Everything has a little bit of humour associated to it.”

Photo: Janet Kimber.

Photo: Janet Kimber.

Saul added Maritime-inspired flavours to the Andy Warhol soup cans on the back wall. For the handpainted Roy Lichtenstein-inspired mural, she modified the quote to promote buying local.

Photo: Dennis Evans.

Photo: Dennis Evans.

To create the space’s dramatic focal point (a huge toast wall) Joyce used a blow torch to singe 540 pieces of bread with an image of pop star Miley Cyrus. “ I love having a room about pop culture,” says Joyce. “The wall represents the fascination people have with finding Jesus or Elvis or other people from pop culture in their toast. And using toast also links with this being a dining event.” Breaking Bread chef match was Luis Clavel of Atlantica Hotel.



Supplier list (all items available at Attica):

Lichtenstein-inspired mural: Christopher Joyce
and Suzanne Saul
Warhol-inspired soup can canvases: Suzanne Saul
Pollock-inspired painted floor: Christopher Joyce,
Bruce Johnson and Suzanne Saul
Miley Cyrus toast wall: Christopher Joyce
Placemats: Chilewich
Street Art Plates: Royal Doulton
Dining chairs: Calligaris
Table, chandelier: Nuevo
Paint: Beauti-Tone


For chef Clavel’s recipe for Spiked Ice Cream, click here.

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