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Dine By Design East 2014: DINING IN THE RAW

Explore the edible dining space by Design360Inc.

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Design360 Inc.'s dining room for Dine By Design East 2014. Photo: Dennis Evans.

Bundles of produce, stacks of homemade preserves and rows of live plants provided visual flair in Design360’s innovative dining room. “The design focuses on farm-to-table principles and is about taking the time to go back to the basics, when life wasn’t as complicated and the focus was on community, craft and a reconnection with our roots,” says Melissa Cummings.

Photo: Dennis Evans

Photo: Dennis Evans

That mantra guided every aspect of the booth’s creation, including its table and seating created from corrugated cardboard. Dangling arrangements of mason jars made a sparkling rustic chandelier.

“We took a modern approach to how we stacked the veggies and the food to showcase their beauty and texture,” says Keri Koch. The team donated the produce, mason jars and other items to the community group Hope Blooms. Dining in the Raw chef match was Ludovic Eveno of Agricola Street Brasserie.


Photo: Dennis Evans.


Sponsor list
Construction: Atlantic Commercial Construction
Electrical: Colter Electric
LED lighting: AFS Agency and LiteCo
Drink coasters: Propeller Brewery
Wall vinyl: Walls Talk
Wall vinyl installation: Twin City Painting
Cardboard for table and swings: DeSerres

For chef Eveno’s recipe for Duck Confit Cassoulet, click here.

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