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Dine By Design East 2015: A PERFECT PROPOSAL

Perched on the bow of a ship built on-site for the event, Teena May Smith’s dramatic dining room showcases unique handmade elements.

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Photo: Bruce Murray

Teena May Smith perched her dining room on the bow of a ship she built from scratch using donated materials, creating one of the event’s most theatrical yet intimate spaces. “I wanted everything to be a piece of art on its own, so to be separately beautiful, and then stunning when combined,” she says.

The hull of the ship was solid wood donated from Kent. “It’s so secure, you can stand on it,” she says. “It was in two pieces so it could be mobile.” Her design for the waves evolved during construction, abandoning her initial plan to use paper maché. “I sourced canvas from Atlantic Fabrics,” she says. “I cut and sewed it into pillows, giving the waves a 3-D texture and effect.”

She also created the floor pillows in the dining area (“My fashion degree came in handy,” she laughs), and sourced the handmade dinnerware from Krystal Oland of Morning Sun Pottery. To set an intimate mood, she installed garland lights along the walls in elegant constellation motifs.

Supplier List
Accessories and decking: JYSK Dartmouth Crossing
Construction of canvases and L braces: Castone Construction
Lumber: Kent
Canvas: Atlantic Fabrics
Custom coffeetable: Power Design
Transportation: Car Share
Boat template: Gavin Macdonald
Boat assembly: Courtney Smith and Crystal Cashin
Artist: Gina Rogers
Set assembly: Travis Carter and Crystal Cashin
Storage space for assembly: Windmill U-Store It
Pottery dinnerware: Krystal Oland, Morning Sun Pottery

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