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Dine By Design East 2015: HISTORIC INFUSION

The Lovely Nova dining space showcases traditional and modern looks in elegant handcrafted furniture and lighting.

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Photo: Bruce Murray

The Lovely Nova dining room fused traditional and modern looks in elegant handcrafted furniture, lighting, and décor. “I wanted to marry a more traditional space with historic elements, and have an elegance about it,” says Jessica Skinner.

Part of Skinner’s Lovely Foundry furniture line, the custom foundry cart was the focal point in the space. She used modern techniques to craft it out of steel foundry materials that date to the 1800s. The two antique pieces on each side had custom concrete tabletops for a modern finish. “It makes them look polished,” Skinner adds.

Photo: Bruce Murray

Sandy and Jessica Skinner. Photo: Bruce Murray

A hand-painted accent wall and sleek contemporary light fixtures by Luxi Studioworks brought texture and drama to the room. “They really add a romantic feel,” says Skinner, who collaborated with Luxi owner Alisha Boyd on the larger centre fixture.

Supplier List
Foundry cart, redesigned antiques, flooring, accent wall: Lovely Nova Design
Concrete: Concreations
Lighting: Luxi Studioworks (centre light in collaboration with Lovely Nova)
Carpentry: Kevin Marchand
Table settings/accessories: Make Merry Events
Flowers: Chelsea Lee Flowers

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