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Dine By Design East 2015: LEAVE NO TRACE

TOSS Solutions’ sleek dining space echoes the natural beauty and simplicity of the Bay of Fundy coastline.

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Photo: Bruce Murray

Nature was the launch pad for the airy, ethereal space by TOSS Solutions. “We were inspired by the Fundy Foot Path, a four-day hike on an uninhabited stretch of the Bay of Fundy coastline,” says Lyn Van Tassel. “When you visit, you leave nothing behind.”

Photo: Bruce Murray

Lyn Van Tassel. Photo: Bruce Murray

The furniture echoed that sentiment, with clear stools and a round glass dining table. “It’s see-through, almost invisible,” Van Tassel says. On the back wall, set between panels of mirrors, a photograph of the coastline made a striking backdrop. “It was pixelated to give a painterly look,” says Van Tassel. “The mirrors represent your conscience, compelling you to reflect on your behaviour in this natural environment.”

On the side wall, alternating wood and mirrors showcased a dramatic moss moose head characterizing the trees and the animals. On the adjacent wall and ceiling, white fabric represented the tent (and the ubiquitous fog), with flickering campfire light adding moodiness.

Supplier List
Custom light fixture: Elwood’s Wood Lab
(Saint John, N.B.)
LED campfire lighting: CSA Enterprises
Carpet supply and install: Interface
Digital image on wall vinyl: Metro Wall Coverings
Mirror: Windoor Atlantic Ltd. (Saint John, N.B.)
Calligaris Acacia dining table: Attica (Halifax)
Gus Timber tables (the seating): Kew (Halifax)
Kiln-dried, weathered, and scraped wood panelling: ThermalWood Canada (Bathurst, N.B.)
Tent support track: Shelley Touesnard
Hard labour: Keith Slack of Barrisol, Jennifer MacNeill
of Interface, Shelley Touesnard of Metro Wall Coverings, Fiona Comeau of CSA Enterprises

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