Gallery: Accessible design

Universal design is about creating well-designed homes that are accessible (and attractive) for everyone. Photos by: Stephen Harris

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  • High sloping ceilings and brilliant natural light offer this accessible home an airy feeling that complements the open spaces created to simplify navigating the home in a wheelchair. Photo by: Stephen Harris
  • Photo by: Stephen Harris
  • Photo by: Stephen Harris
  • Efficient use of space is key to making this 1,500-square-foot home functional for both Stewart, a wheelchair user, and her six-foot-four husband. The bathroom sink accommodates a wheelchair underneath in place of a traditional vanity. Wall-mounted drawers next to the sink offer accessible storage. Photo by: Stephen Harris
  • The 1.5 metre wide shower is floor-level with no lip, to make moving in and out of it simple for everyone. Like the other rooms of the house, the bathroom features wide doorways and pocket doors to offer space to manoeuvre a wheelchair. Photo by: Stephen Harris
  • Lorin Brehaut, founder of Studio Brehaut in Guernesy Cove, P.E.I., built an accessible home for each of his siblings. Though he completed the two projects 20 years apart, the principles of accessible design remain the same. What’s changed, he says, is the popularity of designing and building homes with future accessibility in mind. Photo by: Stephen Harris
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