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8 must-try wines for summer

Discover Atlantic Canadian wild fruit wines this summer.

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Wineries across Atlantic Canada are experimenting with wild fruit wines. It’s time you tried some of our best. Here are our picks for eight to try this season. Plus, read our latest Libations column on the wineries behind the trend.

Nova Scotia

Amelia Blackcurrant Liqueur
Luckett Vineyards
$27/500 ml bottle at the winery
Pure cassis aromas and flavours, with hints of oak. Drink it like a port or use it as a cocktail component.

Haskap Sparkling Wine
Domaine de Grand Pré
$27.50/750 ml bottle at the winery
This wine works wonderfully as an everyday, dry, rosé bubbly, with tart cran-cherry notes.

New Brunswick

Verger Belliveau Orchards
$13.29/750 ml bottle at the winery or ANBL
A medium textured white wine with fresh pear notes, well suited to dishes you’d pair with a Pinot Gris or Chardonnay.

Resurgo Sparkling Wine
Magnetic Hill Winery
$17.95/750 ml bottle at the winery and selected grocery stores
This dry bubbly is a great start to any party. Your guests will never guess it is rhubarb.

Prince Edward Island

Wild Rose Liqueur
Rossignol Estate Winery
$42/500 ml bottle at the winery or PEILC
A special, exotic liquor, with floral and marmalade notes, perfect as a sipper or to add an accent to cocktails.

Blackberry Mead
Rossignol Estate Winery
$19.75/375 ml bottle at the winery or PEILC
An intense wine staring fresh local blackberry and honey.


Bakeapple Iceberg
Auk Island Winery
$18.53/375 ml bottle at the winery or NLC
This unique wine highlights the flavour of “Newfoundland Gold,” the bakeapple or cloudberry. It features tart, apricot/apple notes.

Exotique Wild Barren’s Blend Wine
Rodrigues Winery
$15.25/750 ml bottle at the winery or NLC
Newfoundland’s first winery blends its wild blueberry semi-sweet wine with tart wild lingonberry (partridgeberry) wine to create this unique off-dry blend.

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