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How to shuck an oyster

New to oysters? Don't sweat it. Maxime Daigle of La Maison BeauSoleil shares his winning oyster shucking tips

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Photo: Ashley Erb and Mike Erb

• Use a folded tea towel to prop up and cushion the oyster. This provides protection for your less-dominant hand, which you’ll use to keep the oyster steady.
• Find the hinge and wiggle an oyster shucker or a blunt bread knife in, but don’t force it. “If you use your entire body weight to get in that hinge, you’re going to hurt yourself,” says Maxime. “It’s just about identifying the pressure point and where you’re going to go.”
• Once you find your way in, pop your shucker, turning it slightly like a key. Scrape the top shell with the edge and it should pull away easily.
• Run your shucker along the bottom of the oyster to separate the bottom muscle from the bottom shell. “Try to damage the oyster as little as possible, so you can get the best chew,” says Maxime.

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