Meet the contributors from our Spring 2017 issue

Photography for “Set to impress”
Beth Dunham is a Halifax-based commercial photographer and professional food stylist. She also produces a popular recipe blog at @beth_dunham

Photography for cover, cover story “Style smash” and “Modern riverside retreat
Bruce Murray has been creating food and lifestyle photography for over 20 years in the Maritimes and in his original studio in Vancouver. He delivers compelling images to a diverse clientele of magazines and top Canadian companies. @VisionFire

Guided by instinct
Chris Muise is a King’s College graduate and freelance writer working in Halifax, with a strong focus on community news. He’s also a cat lover, and a big fan of transforming robots. @TheSilentG

Set to impress
Through part-time studies at NSCAD University, Marilyn Smulders has discovered a love of screen printing textiles and has started a sideline called Ellemeno. She lives in Bedford, N.S. with her husband and three kids.

Beyond wine and cheese
Philip Moscovitch is a regular contributor to East Coast Living, Halifax Magazine and Saltscapes. He lives in Glen Margaret, outside Halifax. @PhilMoscovitch

Modern riverside retreat
With a background in PR, journalism, and publishing, Heather MacLean Reid is a freelance writer based in N.B. When not writing, she practices and teaches yoga. @hkmmac

“Calling all pollinators”
Carol Matthews has been gardening for over 40 years and writing about it for more than half that time. Her work has appeared in magazines, newspapers, online, and on the radio.

“Go for green
Valerie Mansour is a Halifax-based writer/editor who has worked on food television series and documentaries. She also reviews cookbooks and for several years reviewed local restaurants. @ValerieMansour

Photography for “Go for green”
James Ingram is the owner of Jive Photographic. His work appears in publications such as Halifax Magazine, Our Children, MacLean’s and Canadian Living. @JIVEPHOTO

Style smash
Kim Hart Macneill
is an award-winning journalist who lives in Moncton, N.B. She writes a weekly column about beer for Halifax Magazine. @kimhartmacneill