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Garden Party

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Janice Bates-Hawkins’ Dine By Design East space is inspired by an iconic garden.

Designer, Jonathan Legate and Chef David Woodly of Gio team up at Dine by Design East 2014

Inspiring a Community

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Chef David Woodley and Jonathan Legate team up to support design education in their community with Dine By Design East.

Dine By Design East Gala highlights

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Highlights from our Dine By Design East Gala night, with fabulous dining rooms, amazing food and wine, and chic artwork.

Savour flavours

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A recap of the recent Savour Food and Wine show in Halifax. In foodie and wino heaven.

Candy cane martini recipe

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This martini recipe landed in my inbox the other day from the folks at Iceberg Vodka. Just in time to kick off the Holidays.

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