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Homes and history in Halifax

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A look at a row house that underwent extensive renovations. I love historic homes, so when the opportunity came to check out a historic home in Halifax that had been completed renovated, I jumped on the chance to check it out. The house located in the Schmidtville area of Halifax, near Spring Garden Road. The… Read More»

Summer cover teaser

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Check out our exclusive outtakes from our Summer 2012 cover shoot.

Garden update

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An update on how our gardens are doing this summer and guest blogger Dana Edgar’s hydrangea purchases.

Unique driftwood furniture

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Thought I’d share some photos of unique driftwood furniture. I snapped these shots of a set of deck furniture my parents have at our family cottage in Pugwash, Nova Scotia. My mum bought these pieces (a lounger, side table, loveseat and coffee table) a couple of years ago at a store in Port George, Nova… Read More»

Weekend patio décor ideas

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A roundup of chic East Coast patio ideas, including nautical accessories, sea-inspired handcrafted glass and contemporary furniture.

New garden blooms

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Our editor plans her patio container garden for this summer; see what colours and flowers are hot right now.

Garden state

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New bling for your patio garden this season that does everything but chase away the bad weather.

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