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Worth the wait

By |

Architect John Leroux passed the same overgrown lot in a historic Fredericton neighbourhood for years before finally building his dream home on it.

Hearth and soul

By |

Peggy Stewart takes her role as custodian of one of St. John’s oldest homes seriously

Know your renovation ROI

By |

We asked the experts which home upgrades pay off when it’s time to sell

Out of the ashes

By |

When a fire destroyed chef Jesse Vergen’s New Brunswick house, the family rebuilt their dream home from scratch

Annapolis Valley home revival

By |

Returning to his roots in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, Ian Archibald transformed his family’s Victorian farmhouse into a stylish space reflecting its unique history

Winter is coming

By |

Closing down your cottage for the season the right way saves you time and money next year

Souris PEI cottage renovation

By |

Renovations and additions helped this growing family keep their Souris summer home

The winds of change

By |

Yarmouth native Mandy Rennehan returns to build her home in an unlikely locale

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