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Build a better sandwich

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Handheld, easy to make, and a comforting classic—the sandwich might just be the perfect food

The summer taste of barbecue pizza

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Thin or thick crust, one cheese or four, meat or vegetarian—tossing a pizza on the barbecue takes your cookout to the next level

Mac and cheese showdown

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2 Doors Down chef de cuisine Andrew Farrell drops into East Coast Living to share two standout mac and cheese recipes.

Salt of the earth

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This simple mineral brightens and elevates every dish, whether sweet or savoury

Middle Eastern eats

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Fresh, flavourful foods from the Middle East are everywhere and it’s easy to bring them into your own kitchen

Homey pancakes for a snowy day

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I arrived at work this morning excited to share a pancake recipe with you as it’s both a snow day and Pancake Tuesday. Sadly, we’ve never focused one of our Eatting In sections on breakfast recipes. Instead I’ll share with you my own recipe.

Wonderful winter salads

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With a bit of imagination and effort, you can enjoy salads during our coldest season