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Mix your own potting soil

By |

Mixing your own potting soil is a simple way to know that your plants are getting the nutrients they need to thrive.

Top flowers for 2016

By |

We preview the best new plants and flowers on the gardening scene for 2016

Fall splendor garden

By |

We profile a fabulous fall garden in Halifax that keeps on blooming well into fall.

Count on coleus

By |

This vibrant plant comes in bold new varieties that can spruce up any outdoor space

Spring garden checklist

By |

Essential chores that will get your garden off to a good start this season

Top flowers for 2015

By |

Carol Matthews lists her picks for the best new flowers and plants for 2015

Best fall flowers

By |

Carol Matthews profiles the top cold-tolerant plants and flowers for creating a dramatic fall gardenscape

Growing native flowers

By |

Carol Matthews highlights the top Atlantic Canadian native plants and flowers that will flourish in your garden.

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