Dine By Design East

East Coast Living presents “Dine By Design East,” a dazzling event showcasing design luminaries and culinary giants from Canada’s East Coast in a spectacular feast for the senses. The Gala evening is on Thursday, October 30, 2014 and the event runs until November 2, with proceeds supporting design education at NSCAD University in memory of Amber Harkins, former editor of East Coast Living magazine who passed away from cancer in 2012.

  • "Dwelling" by Attica
  • "Blush" by Bruce Norman
  • "Anthology" by Robert Goldsworthy
  • "Cuisine" by Janice Bates-Hawkins
  • "Dive" by Jonathan Legate
  • "Dine with Nature" by Lydon Lynch Architects
  • "Acid Flash Forward" by Mark F. Martin and Shay Ingram
  • "Sexy in the City" by Michelle Reid
  • "Unravelled" by NSCAD University
  • "Outsider" by Heather Waugh Pitts
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