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Mini Lebanese Pitas

Fresh bread on the bonfire added a certain excitement. It didn’t rise as well as in the oven, but the fun was worth it.

Mini Beach Burgers

Mini-burgers or sliders are all the rage, but these burgers bring back memories of long-ago Girl Guides’ camping trips. Vary herbs to your preference.

Bonfire Grilled Cheese

A neighbour’s discovery of an old sandwich maker, perfect for the bonfire, made this sandwich particularly appealing (a cast-iron frying pan also works). Red onion slices confirmed that this is no ordinary grilled cheese sandwich.

Amherst Shore Boil

This recipe, based on a low country boil, would traditionally include shrimp instead of mussels. You can alter the spices, depending on your heat tolerance. Old Bay Seasoning is an alternative to your own blend.

Rhubarb Punch

Every bonfire needs a special drink. This one takes advantage of ubiquitous East Coast rhubarb. Add more sugar if you prefer it less tart. You may also adjust the amount of rum as well.

Past the Overpass Summer Cocktail

This cocktail integrates Iceberg Vodka into a drink with several Newfoundland flavours. If you are a forager, the mint, partridge berries, and juniper are all ingredients you can look for through summer and into fall. Combine these ingredients with the spirits detailed below, a splash of fresh lemon juice and soda water, and you’ll be… Read More»

Grilled Romaine Heart Salad

This is a crowd favourite and works really well if you’re using natural charcoal. Make it to your individual taste — barbecues are meant to be fun and unstructured, so mix your own ingredient amounts.