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Eggnog Bread Pudding with Brandy Sauce

At some point during the Christmas season, I just have to make one of Spouse’s favourites: a soul-warming, decadent, creamy bread pudding. She loves any type of bread pudding, especially if it comes with an indulgent, warm, sweet sauce poured over top. This particular version hits all the right points for a great bread pudding… Read More»

Fruitcake Cookies

When it comes to fruitcake, there’s no grey area. You’re either a fan or you’re not. Most fruitcake detractors are pretty adamant about their positions, but these cookies have been known to make some pause and reconsider.When you experience all the flavour of a traditional molasses-and-spice dark fruitcake, translated into a crispy, chewy cookie, even… Read More»

Cranberry Hazelnut Turkey Wellington

Here’s a terrific festive entertaining idea for any day during the holidays. I’ve heard from several Rock Recipes followers over the years who don’t want or need to have all those turkey leftovers and are looking for an alternative to a traditional stuffed turkey. This is an ideal solution, especially for couples, small families, or… Read More»

Web exclusive: Chicken vindaloo

This Indian classic will wow your next dinner guests, but features spices you probably already have in your cupboard. Serves 4

Web exclusive: Naan

This oven-fresh naan is just the trick for soaking up every drop of curry gravy. 40 pieces of naan

Cucumber raita

Raita can be flavoured with mango or pineapple. This cucumber version is cooling with a warm curry. Serves 2

Traditional rice

Pair that rich, curry gravy with a light, fluffy rice. Serves 2

Zeera Aloo

The humble potato stars in this spice-packed side dish.

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