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Last Leaf

Bitter and sweet with a subtle note of orange rind ringing through the finish. The perfect cocktail to watch the autumn leaves tumble.

Oak and Apple

The drink tastes and smells like a warm fall evening. You can also garnish it with curls of fresh apple peel.

Cash It In

Assertive and zesty, this punch-style apéritif brings big flavours with a low ABV so it’s perfect for sipping all afternoon long.

Supper: Onion and Gruyère Tarts

This family recipe looks fantastic, but is simple comfort food. Top with homemade tomato jam for added flavour. 24 mini tarts

Lunch: Grilled Romaine Heart Salad

This crowd favourite works really well if you’re using natural charcoal. Barbecues are meant to be fun and unstructured, so let guests mix their own vinaigrette.

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