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Pho-Inspired Broth

Serve this Vietnamese-style broth over rare beef and rice noodles. Top with a squeeze of lime, Thai basil, and bean sprouts for a comforting meal.

Honey Citrus Cake

It is a wonderful citrus cake that is perfect for Christmas! It has coffee in it so you can get that extra caffeine bump if you have it for breakfast on Christmas Day! I make it eggless as my son has allergies to eggs.

Fruit Cake Bars

Hear me out, I know most people see fruit cake as a holiday tradition to be endured rather than enjoyed, but these bars are different. With less sugar than a traditional cake and a dose of rum, the fruit comes out pleasantly chewy. After one, no one will turn down a second.

Linzer Cookies

A holiday classic that’s as easy to make as it is to snack on.

Delicious Corn Chowder (Délicieuse chaudrée au maïs)

Bossé’s mother would make this chowder on Thursdays in the weekly soup rotation, as they would often have run out of meat by then in the week. This version features canned corn to make it both economical and handy.

Gabrieau’s Bistro Seafood Chowder

This French-inspired dish is loaded with lobster, crab, scallops, and clams in a thick, creamy broth elegantly flavoured with summer savory. Serves 8

Oyster Chowder (Chaudrée aux huîtres)

Anything that could be harvested rather than bought was sure to be an Acadian staple in days gone by, as the winters were long and money was often scarce. Serves 2–4 Directions:

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