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A cut above

Brianna Hagell, Vessel meats. Photo: Submitted

Brianna Hagell wants to help people better understand their food and get more bang for their buck. Capicola, Toro, Bavette and Little Pear are not your average supermarket cuts of meat. They’re cuts that require the art of a butcher’s handicraft — that’s one of the reasons why Brianna Hagell started Vessel Meats. The old-school version we have in our heads of the neighbourhood butcher is a burly man in a navy blue, blood-stained apron. Hagel defies that image. She’s a feisty 5 … Read More »



Classic and modern

Contemporary new home offers the best of country and city living In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a halt. But Mike Ungar Keep reading »

Food & Entertaining

Winter warmer

Get cozy this season with this unique hot toddy recipe Historians think the hot toddy originated in India as a quasi-cure to the common cold. Whis Keep reading »

Piece by Melissa Yale. Photo: Bruce Murray/VisionFire


From rustic grunge to coastal chic

Discover the simple — and economical — joys of upcycling furniture With a bit of sandpaper, a few coats of paint and some grit, a Kijiji or ya Keep reading »

Roadside trees hwy 10. Photo by Jodi DeLong


Fabulous fall foliages

Not all trees and shrubs are created equal when it comes to autumn colour If April is the cruellest month, as T.S. Eliot wrote, then surely Octobe Keep reading »

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