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We’re finalists for two Atlantic Journalism Awards

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I just heard today that we’re a finalist for two Atlantic Journalism Awards. Our Fall 2009 cover is nominated in the “Atlantic Magazine—Best Cover” category and our Winter 2009 cover story, “Divine Intervention” is up for the “Atlantic Magazine—Best Article” award.

Our Fall 2009 cover was shot by Mike Dembeck and it depicts a contemporary home in Halifax’s West End that was designed and built by its owners (architect Susan Fitzgerald and contractor Brainard Fitzgerald). Shooting its exterior was difficult—Mike had to avoid overhanging tree branches, dangling power lines and encroaching buildings.

We decided on a nighttime shoot to downplay those distracting elements. The icing on the cake was the family cat—he’d been watching Mike from his inside perch by the front window and stayed there long enough for Mike to include him in the final shot.

For “Divine Intervention,” writer Gloria Hickey explores how Nicky Hawkins and Andy Perlis bought a tumbledown church in Admiral’s Cove, Newfoundland on impulse during a road trip. The Boston transplants transformed the space into their home, doing much of the work themselves using recycled materials: pennies for floor tiles, old boards for countertops, hammered-out cookie tins for art.








Brian Ricks’s photos capture the creativity and sense of adventure the couple have created in their home. Brian’s challenge here was the weather. Newfoundland’s climate is not kind to photographers—light changes constantly and the weather is unpredictable. It took him several attempts to get the right conditions for shooting, leading Nicky to give up baking photogenic pies for the occasion!
The award winners will be announced on Saturday, May 8 at the awards gala in Halifax. Another Metro Guide publication, Halifax Magazine, is nominated in the “Best Cover” category—congrats to all the finalists!


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