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Basic black

Black is back. Punchy colours are nice but you can’t go wrong with basic black. Would you use it in your space?

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I know this year’s colours are bold and fresh—punchy tones of pink, purple and orange are everywhere right now.

But black is another great colour to think about using in your space. I think it’s a great backdrop for modern art and photography. The home in Saint John, New Brunswick we’re featuring in our upcoming spring issue (out March 17) uses a really chic black and white scheme, with black floors and white walls in most rooms. Here’s a sneak peek of one wall in Judith Mackin’s home that features the Flock Skulls wallpaper design by Barbara Hulanicki (photo by Mark Hemmings).

A black accent wall can showcase artwork, glassware, dishes, furniture or basically anything with texture or visual interest. Black will add a bit of class and elegance in a more casual space and best of all, it goes with pretty much every other colour out there.

If your rooms are light and airy, a black accent wall and a few black accessories can add warmth and drama in your space. Or you can take the look even farther (like the above photo showing the floral wallpaper Romance by Graham and Brown)  and go with black flooring and a wallpaper that features black in the background. I love the black accent wall in the bedroom above from Martha Stewart. It’s so simple and chic and could match with almost any mix of colours.

What do you think? Would you ever use black in your décor?

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