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Savour flavours

A recap of the recent Savour Food and Wine show in Halifax. In foodie and wino heaven.

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I attended the Savour Food and Wine show in Halifax this past Wednesday night.

Over 60 restaurants and beverage suppliers came out for the event, though I must say, it seemed a little heavy on the beverage side this year. I can imagine it must be very expensive setting up for something like this.

What I most enjoy about this event is meeting up with people I normally only interact with on Twitter or Facebook. It’s great to hear what everyone is up to in the industry—I love checking out new culinary creations from local chefs and sampling some of our new wines.

I visited the Hamachi table with our food writer, Valerie Mansour. As usual, it didn’t disappoint and was a veritable carpet of  sushi. They were also serving sliced beef that was incredibly tender. I met up with Jenny Dobbs from Morris East who was there with Select NS and Taproot Farms. Jenny was giving out samples of Morris East’s new raspberry daiquiri mix (yummy) and I also tried a fabulous appetizer that had pickled beets and nutmeg butter.

I chatted with Simon Rafuse, the winemaker at Blomidon Estate Winery in Canning and was overjoyed to hear that they will be releasing their new 2010 Baco Noir in about two months. I’m thrilled as it’s my fave Nova Scotia red.

The presentation from chef Luis Clavel and the staff at Atlantica Hotel was quite something. I tried a stick of caramel corn that had been dipped in liquid nitrogen so it was smoking as I ate it. Very interesting. I loved the cocktail they made called Precious that had blackberry juice, peach schnapps and caviar—this gave it a unique texture but wow, it was so delicious. I’m already drooling for next year’s event. You can visit this link for more shots from the event (these are by Tammy Fancy of



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