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Versatile simplicity

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Photography is a fresh medium in art collection and home décor.

Ned Pratt is an accomplished photographer based in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Showcasing the evolving landscapes of his home province, Pratt’s contemporary photographs are resonating with art aficionados across Canada. “His work is collected by people who prefer abstract artwork and also people who like more traditional artwork,” says Christina Parker, owner of Christina Parker Gallery in St. John’s. “His work is represented in prominent corporate, private and public collections across Canada and the United States.”

Working in areas of the province he’s been familiar with since childhood (he hails from the small community of Salmonier, just south of St. John’s), Pratt creates images that explore the starkness and simplicity of basic structures and how they interact and change with exposure to the elements of their rugged coastal environments. Christina Parker Gallery represents his work.

Red Shed, pigment based archival print by Ned Pratt, 2010

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