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Day tripping treasures

Guest blogger, Monica Riehl shares a gem of store in Chester, Nova Scotia.

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Guest blogger, Monica Riehl (an intern with East Coast Living magazine from the University of King’s College) shares a gem of store in Chester, Nova Scotia.

I don’t need much prodding to agree to tour around Atlantic Canada. I’ve lived in Nova Scotia for five years, and previously visited numerous times, but have yet to tire of day tripping.

One of my favourite spots in Nova Scotia has to be Chester.

I was fortunate enough to have an excuse to visit the Chester area recently on “official magazine business.” Naturally, I made some time to check out the interesting fare at some of the local shops.

To my disappointment, and in spite of it being a very warm Monday in April, many shops were still closed. Lucky for me (and in spite of some ongoing renovations) the doors to Artifacts in Clay were open.

The store features some great decor items and I was impressed not only by the beauty of the pieces, but also by the practicality.

My favourite item (and I’m told the most popular) are the sea urchins. These well-crafted and colourful bowls are made from a type of clay close to porcelain and range in price from $12 for the dainty ornaments to $110 for the large size dishes. Like all of the pottery in the store, these bountiful bowls are food, dishwasher, oven and microwave safe, according to storeowner Christie Chaplin-Saunders.

Over the next few months Chaplin-Saunders will be introducing new products from several vendors to go with the fresh interior of the store. One of the new items that have already arrived are these bright weatherproof mats.

The mats are made in Maine from floating fishing rope. The rope has been recalled in the United States because of the hazard it poses to right whales. With the recall, fishers were able to exchange the floating rope for a new sinking rope. This left an abundance of recalled line that is now being repurposed into durable, vibrant mats ideal for outdoor patios, porches and decks.

Let us know what you think about these bright pieces – better yet, share with us the great decor items you discover on your daytrips throughout Atlantic Canada.

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