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Garden state

New bling for your patio garden this season that does everything but chase away the bad weather.

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Here’s a list of some items I’m coveting for my patio garden this year.

I must admit that I’m struggling to get into the spirit of things with all of the wet and depressing weather we’ve been having in Halifax lately. However, I already have a healthy cluster of chives growing in my patio planter from last year (I swear, these hardy shoots will thrive in any condition, even Halifax’s sunless, dripping fog). My mum has warned me not to put anything else out until after the long weekend, especially wimpy herbs like basil. I’m cool with that—I’ll let the pros nurture the plants until the sun is shining in early June.

My garden tool kit is a little on the rusty side (I’ve left the spade outside in the rain a few too many times). I’d say it’s time for a replacement set and I’ve been eyeing this flowery collection of tools from HomeSense.

I love these watering cans from Casa Germanica for Home and Garden. The Halifax-based company supplies watering cans and planters from Germany that are made of recycled plastic. I bought a bright-pink can from them last year but I’m in the mood for a new colour and I’m thinking of bright orange; it’s one of four new colours they’re introducing this year, including sky blue, lime green and anthracite (I had to look this up; it means “shiny coal”). They don’t have a website but the cans and planters are for sale at the Halifax Farmers’ Market, Blomidon Nurseries in Greenich, Bloom Greenhouse in Bedford and Ocean View Garden Centre in Chester.

This is my dream planter, called the Nature Planter by Design Night. Its artichoke shape lets you plant clusters of different flowers and herbs. The largest opening, at the top, is for deep-rooting plants, while the shallower side pockets are for smaller plants. The whole thing drains from three holes in the bottom. What I really like about it is that you can use it both outside and indoors. I’d love to experiment with this and see if I can keep my herbs growing inside once the frost hits in mid October. It’s available in white, grey and yellow. Yellow is my current pick of the three.

So, what do you think? Are you planning anything special for your garden this year?

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