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New garden blooms

Our editor plans her patio container garden for this summer; see what colours and flowers are hot right now.

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A fun package arrived in the office today.

Each year, I receive a shipment of some perennial samples from Proven Winners, highlighting their latest varieties and colours for the season.

The box arrived in my office this afternoon full of live plants (the wonders of modern shipping never cease to amaze me). Considering it was shipped from a greenhouse somewhere in Ontario, the plants arrived in pretty good shape—just a few broken blooms and a little spilled soil.

I’ve been moaning a lot about our miserable weather, so this little arrival has definitely improved my mood and got me thinking about my patio container gardening plans for this summer (plus, it’s almost like the sun is shining in Halifax this afternoon, so things can’t be that bad).

I’m admiring many of the company’s new Superbell colours, particularly Coralberry Punch and Sweet Tart (in brown container below). The bright pink blooms of the Rockapulco Coral Reef impatiens hybrid (further down) are also very attractive.

Now I’ve got to decide how to plant them and with what other flowers. I may just plant groups of the same flowers together (I love it when they thrive and puff out of the containers).

But my mum was telling me the other day that you can now get jet black petunias. I think black would really set off the pink tones and also be fun with some orange and purple in the mix. (I also noticed that Proven Winners has a new petunia hybrid called “White Russian” that is white with a black centre—very chic.

I will be planting these samples in the containers on my patio and will give a few blog updates over the summer (and more photos) showing how they’re doing.

What about you–what do you think of these colours? What colours or flowers are you planning for your garden this season?

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