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Checking out the blooms at Baldwin Nurseries

Guest blogger Dana Edgar gets ideas for her garden at Baldwin Nurseries in Upper Falmouth, Nova Scotia.

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Guest blogger (and East Coast Living production coordinator) Dana Edgar visits Baldwin Nurseries

After some recent deck renovations, I have a side garden that has grown too large and is in need of a plan to fill in the gaps. I’m wanting something beautiful and easy to take care of, so my inspiration started with our gardening story on hydrangeas from our new Summer issue.

This past weekend, I kicked my inspiration up a notch after visiting Baldwin Nurseries in Upper Falmouth, Nova Scotia for the first time. I’ve lived in the area for over five years—was I ever missing out on this hidden gem.

The place doesn’t look very large from the road, but once you drive in, you’ll be amazed by the selection of plants. They grow over five acres of perennials, shrubs and potted plants. The company is known for finding new and interesting varieties of azaleas, Japanese maple, rhododendrons, magnolias and ornamental grasses (I overheard one customer say to her friend that this place is one of the best nurseries in the province).

I found the sound of water tricking in this pond so calming.

I love this garden bird hidden amongst the greenery. There’s a few of them available for $95.

After admiring the scenery and pursuing a couple rows on the hunt for hydrangeas, I asked the nurseryman, Robert Baldwin, for directions on where to find them. He kindly showed me. There’s a variety to choose from and he mentioned that they are guaranteed to flower. For a novice gardener like me, that sounded great. I’ve narrowed my choices down to two hydrangea varieties—“Annabelle” and  “Nikko Blue” (see photos below).




Nikko Blue

Nikko Blue


Let me know which hydrangea type you prefer. Once I finish prepping my soil, I’ll definitely be returning to this nursery for more ideas.


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