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Garden update

An update on how our gardens are doing this summer and guest blogger Dana Edgar's hydrangea purchases.

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Thought I’d check in with an update about the garden situation.

Dana Edgar blogged with us a few weeks ago about her dilemma choosing hydrangeas for her new side garden. In the end, she decided to go with a larger white Annabelle hydrangea near her back deck and a row of three nikko blue hydrangeas.

She spaced the hydrangeas out (about four feet between each plant) so they will grow fully in the space (they can grow up to six feet high). Dana also sent over a shot of the fun garden bird décor she bought from Avon Valley Floral outlet. Very cute!

My patio garden has not been doing so great this year; the Tiny Tim tomatoes I bought at the Tatamagouche Farmers’ Market in June are thriving (will post a photo of these later when they have some colour) but my planters have been struggling. My pansies, in particular, have had a very hard time and look quite haggard (all the rain at the beginning of the season really did a number on them). My basil is also looking quite paltry.

The best-looking of the bunch is this window box of black-velvet petunias and white geraniums I got from Presidents’ Choice /Superstore. I absolutely love the black and white combination (and the fact that geraniums require little fussing and watering, of course!).

How have your gardens fared this season?

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