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Preserves photo shoot

See some behind-the-scenes photos from our preserves photo shoot in Dartmouth, N.S.

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See some behind-the-scenes shots from our preserves photo shoot

I’ve been meaning to post these photos for a while. Photographer Dennis Evans and I descended on writer Simon Thibault’s home in Dartmouth this past summer. We were there to take shots of preserves for Simon’s story on preserves, Time in a Bottle, which is featured in our Fall 2011 magazine.

Here’s a shot of Simon with his brandied raspberries. Simon buys flats of berries in season, drowns them in liquor (and a bit of sugar) in mason jars, and then enjoys them months later. On the day of the shoot, he had a big bowl of cherries ready for the booze bath.

Dennis set up most of the shots in Simon’s wood shed in the backyard. The light was great out there and the wood made a nice background.

Dennis zooms in for a test shot of the “ice cream.” It’s actually scoops of lard, which resembles ice cream but won’t melt in the heat. See the finished shot here, in Simon’s recipe for Bottled Pears.

See more of Dennis’s finished shots in our preserves story, Time in a Bottle, and the corresponding recipes from our Fall 2011 magazine.

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