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Knife skills photo shoot

See behind the scenes of a recent photo shoot on perfecting knife skills.

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See behind the scenes of our recent knife skills photo shoot in Halifax

I just got back from a photo shoot in Halifax for an upcoming story we’re doing on perfecting knife skills. We held the shoot at Fid Resto in Halifax, with chef Dennis Johnston hosting us and photographer Andrew Chow taking the photos.

Dennis has an amazing collection of knives that he’s gathered over the years—many were handmade in Japan or elsewhere in Asia. Most are crafted for one particular use. Here Dennis shows of one off his favourite blades.

Dennis shows the proper way to julienne carrots. A lot of cookbooks ask you to do this but I’ve never learned the proper technique.

The story by Lezlie Lowe will explore how to master basic knife techniques—like how to julienne carrots, properly dice an onion, sharpen and care for knives. These are things most home chefs take for granted (well, I know I do). The story will also include a sidebar on the top five knives every home chef should have.  A shot of Dennis with photographer Andrew Chow.

Watch for Andrew’s finished shots in the upcoming spring issue of East Coast Living, which will be hitting newsstands on March 18.

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