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Colour trend: tangerine dream

Our editor checks out “Tangerine tango”—the it colour for 2012

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Check out “Tangerine tango”—the it colour for 2012

Pantone just appointed tangerine its colour of the year, building on the trend for energetic, vibrant colours (last year was honeysuckle pink). A company spokesperson says the orange-red hue “marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the warmth of yellow,” creating a colour that “emanates heat and energy” (hmm, we could all use a little of this in the dead of winter). Tangerine photo below courtesy James Ingram.

I admit that tangerine and other orange-inspired colours can seem a bit overpowering, but there is a range of tones to choose from in paint, fabrics and patterns. I’m partial to the bright, melon-citrus hues—they have a fun vintage 1950s and 60s flair to them.

If you’re thinking of using tangerine in your décor, you might bring in the colour with a few accessories. Pictured above is a Solair chair in orange from Attica Furnishings and the Daisy thorn pillow by Erin Flett.

Rather than painting an entire room tangerine, opt for one or two accent walls. This photo above shows various orange hues from Sico (left) and Laurentide Paint (right).

What do you think of tangerine? Will you be trying it in your home this year?

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