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Tiptoe through the tulips

Our editor shows off her tulip garden and wonders what she should plant next.

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I’m pretty stoked about my tulip garden.

Since it may be the only photo-worthy garden I grow this year, I thought I’d best do a blog post about it.

I planted the bulbs back in early November—I think I put in at least 100, plus some crocus and blue hyacinth bulbs.  My back just stopped being sore a couple weeks ago (blub planting is HARD work…)

I didn’t really stick to a colour palette—I planted pretty much every colour (except red and orange). My faves are the purple, pink, black and the double-blooms.

Those are alliums in the back–they look like the tops of pineapples. These were an impulse buy at Halifax Seed. I thought they’d be nice and high to soften the blah concrete foundation at the back. Fingers crossed they work out! I also planted irises along the edge at the back but they started sprouting in early December. I fear they might not do anything now.

I wish these tulips would last for months. Any thoughts on what I should put in once the glorious spring show is over? I’m really hoping for something low-maintenance (aren’t we all?). The garden gets mostly morning sun. Let me know your thoughts—and what you would do with all those tulip leaves.

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