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Homes and history in Halifax

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A look at a row house that underwent extensive renovations.

I love historic homes, so when the opportunity came to check out a historic home in Halifax that had been completed renovated, I jumped on the chance to check it out. The house located in the Schmidtville area of Halifax, near Spring Garden Road. The row house served as a fraternity house for the past couple of decades. Its new homeowners, Laurie Messenger and Chris Gillis, told me it was quite the sight when they purchased it in 2007. But they could see the original charm and function behind the destruction and broken beer bottles left behind. Laurie and Chris renovated homes before, so they knew what they were getting into.

Still, it’s brave of any homeowner to take on such a project. The article includes advice from them about what to expect when taking on a renovation project and when you should get the pros in to complete the job. I loved the home’s simplicity, historic charm and access to downtown. Laurie said the home offered them all the space they needed for a family of three.

The photos in our fall issue turned out so well not only because of the house, but also because of Laurie and Chris’s photogenic son, Benny, and the family dog, Daisy. Find the article at

We’ll soon have a gallery of photos on Pinterest. If you know of a home we should feature in East Coast Living, drop me a line at Suzanne

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