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Style and savour

Looking for creative ways to entertain at home this summer? Try these four place setting/meal combos, tailored to please any guest

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Looking for creative ways to entertain at home this summer? Try these four place setting/meal combos, tailored to please any guest.

Earth and spice

Claire and Nick weaved together neutral colours and natural elements to highlight the brilliant colours of the fruit. Burlap, jute and stone tiles, all from Home Depot, create an “earthy look” perfect for summer lunch. This elegant and delicate spicy soup with yogurt is a more formal way to enjoy summer’s bounty of fruits, Mike says. Pair with Benjamin Bridge’s Nova 7.

Decadent dessert

Claire and Nick aimed for a tea party look by using glass, silver and red blooms. The place card holder and coaster are available at Bellissimo, cake stand from Thornbloom and napkin ring from Bombay. The saucer and creamer are from Claire’s personal vintage collection. Mike says this “retro style” cake is made not only with simple techniques but the best elements of summer, including fresh berries and peaches, all sweetened with lemonade. Pair this dessert with iced coffee for a refreshing twist.

Fresh and simple

This setting uses clean lines and a minimalist simplicity to highlight the fresh summer ingredients. The contrast of the all-white plates against the dark grey countertop makes the greens and red pop, Claire says.  Mike says he was looking for a fresh taste and a stripped-down presentation to really showcase the halibut and the clean, refreshing flavour of the citrus herb vinaigrette. Pair with Tall Ship Amber from Garrison Brewing.

Backyard banquet

Family gatherings and potlucks were Claire and Nick’s inspiration for this setting. The reds in the beer bucket and napkins play off the red tomatoes, while the oiled grey stone tiles from Home Depot serve as inexpensive platter and coasters. The beer caddy is from Thornbloom and napkins from Duly Noted. This ricotta tart, with its few ingredients, can easily be made before guests arrive but still packs big flavour, Mike says. The natural elements of the décor showcase the simplicity of the dish. Pair with London Style Porter from Propellor Brewing Company.

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