Modern New Brunswick farmhouse

Set within a sprawling apple orchard overlooking the St. John River, the home of Chas and Jennifer Mackay boasts a crisp, streamlined design.

Photos by: Sean MGrath

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  • Chas and Jennifer soak in the orchard view from their deck on the second floor. A deck on the opposite side offers a sweeping view of the St. John River.
  • Orchard at dusk. Light glows from the expansive windows of Chas and Jennifer Mackay’s modern home on the Kingston Peninsula in New Brunswick. Their sleek house is a two-level, open-concept space with an attached cider house.
  • An energy-efficient wood burning fireplace supplements heat provided by a geothermal system.
  • Farmhouse features punctuate the couple’s living space. A barn-like sliding door is functional and aesthetic, and a large wooden dining table can accommodate Sunday family dinners.
  • Chas and Jennifer relax in their second floor bedroom, which features a bold painting by artist and longtime friend, Alexandra Flood.
  • The clean, streamlined look continues in the master bathroom on the second floor with modern, efficient fixtures.
  • To address privacy, the architects designed two large sliding cedar screens that can cover the windows on the main level.
  • Chas displays his playful sculptures throughout the orchard property. He joins these four characters perched on an alcove facing the river.
  • Like his father, Chas works diligently to nurture the Mackay family orchard, which grows 19 apple varieties.
  • The bathroom on the main floor features a unique tree canopy wallpaper design.
  • White marble and clean surfaces dominate the kitchen space. The light fixture above the island is by Quispamsis welder Jason Martin. Jennifer found just the right branch to act as a model while strolling through the orchard.
  • “The farmhouse acts as a lens that allows one to see the St. John River or the orchard differently,” says architect Monica Adair.
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