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Hot colours for 2014

What do you think of 2014’s colour trends? What would be your pick for colour of the year?

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Paint and design companies have been busy launching their colours of the year for 2014. And it’s quite a mix of extremes—from bright sky blue, to rich teal, to vibrant purple-fuchsia.

Benjamin Moore’s pick is Breath of Fresh Air. I quite like this soft, baby-blue. The company touts it as a “new neutral” that’s “liveable and functional.” It’ll definitely be a popular colour come spring.



Dulux went with a rich teal colour for their choice. They describe it as surprisingly versatile and complementary for different colour combinations.


I’d match the teal with a warm mustard yellow, my favourite colour right now.  Here are some shots of this tone, which gets my vote for colour of the year. (pics via Decor8 and Little Lovables).



And then there’s Pantone—it’s always a surprise to see what colour they’ll pick. This year it’s Radiant Orchid—a jovial purple hue with pink and fuchsia undertones. From the comments on my Twitter feed, it seems you either love it or hate it. I find it a bit jarring in large doses, so I wouldn’t paint a whole wall or room this colour, but I would use it for accents and accessories. It pairs well with soft blue-greys.

What do you think about these colours? What would be your pick for 2014?

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