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Sociable style

Sappho Griffin of Henhouse aims to create a relaxed, informal space with the vibe of a Nova Scotia kitchen party.

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fishing buoys

Colour inspiration for Henhouse's Sappho Griffin comes from fishing buoys in bright shades.

If you’ve ever spent time in the Maritimes, you know that the best house parties always take place in the kitchen. You arrive with your gift for the hosts and somehow never manage to make it further than the fridge during the course of an evening.

It’s the spirit of a kitchen party that Sappho Griffin of Henhouse wanted to evoke in the room she’s creating for Dine by Design East. For the gala, Henhouse is paired with executive chef Brad Wammes of Kitchen Door Catering, with locations on Bluewater Road in Bedford and Barrington Street in Halifax.

**Click here to purchase tickets for this year’s Dine By Design East events**


Henhouse (Sappho Griffin and Joe Gallant) is paired with chef Brad Wammes of Kitchen Door Catering for the Dine by Design East gala. Collage by Janice Hudson.

“Coming from Toronto, the kitchen party is something I find so appealing–the informality of gathering in the kitchen,” says Sappho. “That’s the vibe I want to create by making a warm, happy, casual and welcoming space.”

Brad is complementing Sappho’s design with homey, comfort-food recipes, including Beer-battered Haddock and Shoestring Fries that he’s serving with Tangy Tartar Sauce and Smoked Ketchup. For dessert, he’s planning a decadent Ginger Molasses Cake with Ironworks Rum Caramel.

Within the 10 foot-by-10 foot plywood walls of Dine by Design East, Sappho plans to feature the exquisite cabinetry and furniture that Henhouse is known for. Formerly everyone’s favorite store in the Hydrostones, Henhouse has transitioned as a home-based business. Together with furniture maker Stephen Mosher and cabinet maker Joe Gallant, Henhouse offers services including interior consultation, kitchen and both design, custom cabinetry and bath design, furniture layout and colour consultations and more.

fishing buoys

Colour inspiration for Henhouse’s Sappho Griffin comes from fishing buoys in bright shades.

For the colours of the space, Sappho draws inspiration from Nova Scotia’s south shore: the pinks and oranges of the buoys that bob at water’s edge; the various shades of grey of rocks and lichen and weathered wood; and that distinct hue of blue-green that appears on everything from house trim to fishing boats. “As soon as I see that colour, I think ‘maritimes,’” says Sappho.

Without revealing too much more–you’ll have to visit Dine by Design East for the full reveal–the Henhouse room promises to showcase Sappho’s easy-breezy style; there’s nothing fussy or precious in her pursuit of beauty, comfort and function.


Sappho’s sketches and paint chips provide a glimpse of what’s to come.

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