Eclectic DIY renovation

See how one Dieppe homeowner created a vibrant and colourful interior using thrift-store finds and fun retro pieces. Photos: Martin Cormier

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  • In the kitchen, white subway tiles make an elegant backdrop for this floating shelf displaying Sophie’s latest finds. She installed the tiles herself, using an adhesive product called SimpleMat. Photo: Martin Cormier
  • Mixing old with new: mismatched vintage chairs from thrift shops surround the dining room table from Wicker Emporium. The chalkboard paint surface on the accent wall is command centre for the family, with notes on appointments, everyday reminders and grocery lists. Photo: Martin Cormier
  • Transforming the wardrobe into a nook for the change table increased the square footage of the small space. Sophie sourced the colourful paper garland on Etsy. Photo: Martin Cormier
  • Photo: Martin Cormier
  • Photo: Martin Cormier
  • Photo: Martin Cormier
  • In the upstairs bathroom, an antique dresser plays a new role as the vanity, with a sleek modern basin. Sophie loves the shape and look of antlers, and displays them throughout her home. Photo: Martin Cormier
  • Photo: Martin Cormier
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