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Introducing our winter 2014 cover

Have a look at our new magazine, hitting newsstands this week across Atlantic Canada

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We’re pretty stoked to have the printed copies of our new winter issue arrive in the office today. The cover shows a grand, historic home in North End Halifax. On the right, homeowner Jason Ross is heading out with his Great Danes Annie and Lily. (Photo by Steve Jess, design by Gwen North, art direction by Janice Hudson).

We decided to go with an exterior shot this time, which is a bit of a departure for us. As this was for our winter issue, we wanted to create a warm and cozy scene. We liked the idea of an evening shot of the house, where you could still see the elegant architectural details and there would be lots of glowy light spilling out of the windows, particularly the Scottish dormers. I love the contrast between the blue sky and the yellow-orange light.


Original to the house, which dates to 1856, the front portico is one of this home’s finest details, with elegant Corinthian columns and pilasters. We decided to stage Jason there with his dogs, looking like they are heading out for an evening stroll (click here for peek inside the home).

A big thanks to Halifax photographer Steve Jess for doing such a great job at this shoot. He’s a real pro and always hangs in to get just what you need. In this case, he caught the  light at just the right moment—no easy feat.
Subscribers in Atlantic Canada should be receiving their copies of the new magazine in the mail this week. Magazine are also available at local bookstores, Shoppers Drug Mart, Lawton’s and Superstores. To ensure you receive a copy of the magazine, please consider becoming a subscriber.

Let me know what you think of the new cover!


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