Funky St. John’s Reno Gallery

See how a 1980s bungalow gets a sleek DIY makeover with modern décor and fun custom lighting. Photos: Kenneth J. Harvey

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  • Becki Peckham and Chris Nicholas kick back in the living room of their revamped St. John’s bungalow. With its cool, grey tones and modern styling, the living room looks nothing like the original 1980s-era space, but still has plenty of room for entertaining. Photo: Kenneth J. Harvey
  • Photo: Kenneth J. Harvey
  • Photo: Kenneth J. Harvey
  • Chris and Becki wanted a clean, minimalist look for the kitchen. Everything from the spice rack to the toaster is concealed. Photo: Kenneth J. Harvey
  • The couple built their own floating shelves, sturdy enough to hold books and part of their camera collection. Photo: Kenneth J. Harvey
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