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We’ve been shortlisted for an Atlantic Journalism Award

Learn how Halifax photographer Steve Jess got the perfect shot of this historic Halifax home.

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Our Winter 2014 cover has been shortlisted for an Atlantic Journalism Award. Shot by Halifax photographer Steve Jess, the cover shows a grand historic home in Halifax’s North End (read our story on this intriguing home).

Not many of our covers are exterior shots. But for this home, I really liked the idea of an evening shot, where you would see the home’s elegant details and there would be lots of warm light spilling out of the windows.

Caption: Photo by Steve Jess, design by Gwen North, art direction by Janice Hudson.

Caption: Photo by Steve Jess, design by Gwen North, art direction by Janice Hudson.

We staged homeowner Jason Ross on the portico with his Great Danes, as though they were heading out for an evening stroll. The greatest challenge was that photographer Steve Jess had to catch the light at just the right moment: when the sun had dropped and there was neither daylight nor complete darkness. He just had a couple of minutes to get the shot.

Making things even trickier, the huge dogs were restless on their leashes, thinking they were about to go for a walk. Jason had to keep them still so Steve could get a clear shot. Kudos to Steve and to his eight-year-old son, who was hiding in some bushes on the lower right side, holding the off-camera flash and umbrella because it was windy.

In the end, Steve got us the perfect shot. I love the striking contrast between the blue sky and the glowing yellow-orange light pouring out of the large windows.

We’ll know on May 9 if we are the winner. Congrats to the other AJA finalists—see who else made the cut here.


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