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Artist profile: Karen Kulyk’s forest paintings

How a trip into the Nova Scotia wilderness inspired this Halifax artist.

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"Silver Birch" oil on canvas by Karen Kulyk

A trip two summers ago to Trout Point Lodge inspired Halifax artist Karen Kulyk to create a new collection of vibrant oil paintings. Trout Point Lodge is a remote wilderness inn located in East Kemptville, N.S., about 50 kilometres from Yarmouth on the edge of the Tobeatic Wilderness Area. “Its position is considered sacred by the Mi’kmaw people,” says Kulyk.

Lacking TV and Internet, it was a serene setting for Kulyk to create the drawings that became the 12 paintings of her collection. She found the lush tangle of vegetation inspiring. “When you looked up, you wouldn’t always see the sky because of the canopy of trees,” she says.

Silver Birch, pictured above, depicts the forest view from her room. “When we arrived, I sat down and just started drawing,” she says. “I did four drawings of that view alone.”

Kulyk is working on two more pieces for the collection. “I still have more to say,” she laughs. “Who knew we’d have such a remarkable experience by going somewhere so simple. It’s the idea of letting the woods replenish you.” Kulyk’s vibrant works are available at Gallery Page and Strange in Halifax.

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